GURPS Ultra-light is actually a two ” by 11” page PDF where one page is the assembly instructions for the other. The actual working copy is. So, what do you think of Gurps ultra-lite? Personally, I am a fan of simple game systems and I’d like to give it a try some day. The only problem I. I supported because ” because those boardgames aren’t going to play themselves” – Matt Mason (CiviliTalismaniac). +.

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Here is a list of how I gurpx what to put into my Ultra-Lite rework. Create account or Sign in. Please browse through our FAQ before posting.

I locked the TL at 3 and only allowed appropriate weapons. All rights are reserved by SJ Games.

GURPS Ultra-Lite

Cut for now, unless I can find a way to get basic magic rules in. In fact, I can easily imagine starting a group off with this version of micro lite “Everyone make 60 pt delvers using these 3 pages!

Two quick thoughts, both really minor: I may put it back in later. Append content without editing the whole page source. Something like 60 would work for me.


The time now is The possibilities are endless! All times are GMT With these rules and three dice, you have a small package for big RPG fun. Basically I love it. Jack Vogel 11 May The problem I’m having moving forward is that neither Lite nor Ultra-Lite include ANY magic rules, and I don’t gurpps how you could have a fantasy adventure without them. Originally Posted by Peter Knutsen. I edited my post with my design choices. I don’t know ultralight and may be out of the loop but I wasn’t aware gueps needed a reboot.


All the spells would be cast at IQ. Two is a good number to choose, partly because it’s kind of average, jltra-lite partly because it allows you to say “You can cast all these spells at IQ,” which is nice and simple. More Information Edit History.

It also meant I didn’t need any rules specific to firearms. I’m glad you like it. The eagle-eyed among you might notice that we’ve marked it as ‘Version 0. Minimum ST for weapons: Find More Posts by Peter Knutsen. When printed, the booklet prints to a eight-page pamphlet about 2. I wanted the skill list to be mostly IQ skills since every single weapon skill is a DX skill.

Tags separate by space: Since there are no rules for accidentally hitting your own party members if you shoot into melee and thus players will be constantly doing itreducing the damage ranged attacks ultra-liet seemed a nice compromise. So the spells Ugrps leaning towards are things like Hinder, Clumsiness, Paralyze Limb, Fireball gotta have at least one missile spell in thereetc. Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

Use one as a bookmark.

Nice surprise, and all that. Even though I mention it, there are no rules that use it since I can’t get magic in. Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here.


Originally Posted by Joe. Home Recent Yurps Welcome Wiki. Something does not work as expected? And have you listened to the film reroll?

I guess I should explain my motivations a bit better. I think, with this project, I’m trying to build towards something I feel GURPS has lacked for a while – a single, simple fantasy adventure with all the rules necessary to run it included. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. You can download it here. Tell me if you have ultra-lige problems! This is another reason I want to get Magic in. Thoughts and suggestions on that?

I really believe that Gurps Ultra-Lite is a more worthy successor, with its straightforward simplicity to The Fantasy Grps than is the parent game, Gurps.

Warehouse 23 – GURPS Ultra-Lite

No damage bonus for high skill. Even if I keep Fatigue, this is gone. I also wanted to bundle it with a simple adventure that would allow GMs to break new players into GURPS quickly and easily; I recently finished it and that’s why I’m posting about this again.

Find Gyrps Posts by Joe. Really, really nice job, I like your simplification of the Gurps system.