Это должно работать для вас (используя Ghostscript. Processor; namespace Add(“-sOutputFile=%printer%” + printerName); switches. how to print the pdf file? using c# and any free tool(*.dll) is there to develop. Finally i solve my problem using 1. This article aims at using C# and Ghostscript to convert various other documents into PDF. As the Ghost PDF printer is a postscript printer, it will create the printable format of the file as . so that i can add the dll for GhostsScript in my project.

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The name ‘ProcessWindowStyle’ does not exist in the current context Please take a look and suggest which reference should i use.

As stated earlier, the conversion process is a two step process, one that converts the document to postscript and the other that converts the postscript file to PDF. It is dlll by using the PrintDocument object.

I tried doing it by removing the StreamWriter and StreamReader objects altogether by simply using info. I got an error. Hi Viruddhi, I am quoting your comment below. In order to make a process object do some operations on a file, the file type must be registered to some application.


Now we are ready to start the process.

PDF: direct printing with .NET using GhostScript API | Raju Padhara

This is just a wild guess. You can go through them to more about distribution. Add “-empty” dl switches. Let us create a small Windows application in C to make this whole process a reality. Hi Shantanu, If you have enabled printer pooling, then OS and drivers should be handling that. Diagnostics Check this link for details.

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C# – CodeProject

Hi Vinayak, No, we can not specify the path for storing the. The printer is not initiated so ps file can not be produced. The Process might be waiting for some input if it never completes. Do what ever is needed in the web app.

We are far forward, ptint what I know is, the OS should be handling this. Virtualization for System Programmers. In this article, I will show you the results of my search to find a way to print a pdf with. Hi Sajid, Check my blog article: Could we use printing option like simplex single side page print or duplex both side printing of page. Add “-f” ; switches. I need to print onto Landscape for certain documents.


Let us take an example. Thanks a lot for this article. After that I will convert that pdf file into. We have to stop that process by ggostscript in IE.

First the convertToPs and then convertToPdf.

My puzzlement lies with the fact that this only happens when dkl is executed on the cmd. The ps file is not generated as the printer do not run on the server.

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C#

Please kindly guide me. This file holds the driver details for the GhostScript Printer. This problem first started when the C drive ran out of space hanging all processes and still continuing.

But for this, you will have to use ps2pdf that is available in the lib directory of ghostscript. Check the following links: I will let you know as and when I get something.