Technical Readout: Battlemechs. Light Mechs. 20 tons: LCT-1V Locust · STG-3R Stinger · WSP-1A Wasp. 25 tons: COM-2D Commando. 30 tons. BATTLETECH TECHNICAL READOUT: is a Trademark of . version of such an out-of-date document as the Technical Readout: , I offer the fol-. Technical Readout for Battletech by mescalero Documents Similar To Technical Readout (TRO) [REVISED] (FAS). Technical Readout .

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It had a massive variety of pieces with various weapons, speeds, armor ratings, and special abilities and, if you weren’t satisfied with the hundreds of options they provided, extensive, balanced rules for creating your own mechs.

Technical Readout: – BattleTechWiki

Manuel Gradillas rated it really liked it Jul 13, Matt Drozdowski rated it it was ok Jan 05, Return to Book Page. The technical handout books not only baftletech dozens of mechs and vehicles, but each had its own history and backstory, as well as little personalized traits and quirks that had no effect on the game but made it all feel real, like commentary on how cramped the cockpits were for larger pilots or how awkwardly the control yokes were placed.

Eric rated it liked it Apr 02, It was a board game, but with infinite reaout created by the techncal. His books have even been mentioned on the floor of the U. Thanks for telling us about the problem. When eradout RPG came out around college times for me we even tried out a short lived mercenary game. My other gripe is the fact that the overall production value seems low and there’s, from a gaming universe perspective, a rather thin explanation of why these ‘Mechs were left out.


Paperbackpages. Corcoran rated it it was amazing May 21, It was better in the TRO. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jovany Agathe rated it it was ok Nov 26, His works have been printed in six languages and he is recognized world-wide for his historical and fiction works.

To ask reasout readers questions about Battletechplease sign up. United under the interstellar government of the Star League, all mankind prospered and enjoyed an improved quality of life made possible by advances in technology, commerce, human rights, and the arts.

Vehicles and Personal Equipment “Technical Readout Vehicles and Personal Equipment describes the common, and not so common, pieces of military equipment used by the armed forces of the Inner Sphere. Timothy rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Matthew Dame-Brusie rated it it was amazing Dec 25, But that’s just me, I guess. Both sides now had an opportunity to reassess their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and respond. Scott Rose rated it it was amazing Mar 26, He can be followed via Twitter bpardoe James P Bishop rated it it was amazing May 14, Open Preview See a Problem?

Includes detailed illustrations, background information, and game rules for BattleMechs from the Succession Wars. The rules were extensive and, when using advanced optional rules, bordered on obsessive minutia but being a dysfunctional obsessive compulsive, I found learning them a delight.


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DosVersionG rated it it was amazing Apr 13, I’d have rather seen a letter directly from the heads of FASA themselves. Then, one day, one of my only friends introduced me to these guys who stayed in all lunch, hunched at the end of a cafeteria table as though using their bodies as a wall to protect the bubble of fantasy that they were collectively creating. Rreadout to match the enemy’s superior ‘Mechs, the Inner Sphere militaries increasingly turned to their combat fleets for relief, only to find the skies filled with deadly Bqttletech DropShips, JumpShips, and WarShips – massive vessels not seen in the Inner Sphere for hundreds of years.

Technical Readout: 3025

Focusing on BattleMechs and Aerospace Fighters, this volume also discusses important combat and support vehicles as well as the rare Land-Air-Mechs. The internet wasn’t yet the norm and players HAD to buy this book if they wanted to play. Anthony Pryor Goodreads Author. Technology has eroded, with both manufacturing capabilities and knowledge lost on the battlefields.

Edmond rated it it was amazing Aug 18, On Tukayyid the Com Guards brought the seemingly unstoppable Clan war machine to a halt. For years, the Successor States have battled for supremacy. J rated it it was amazing Jan 16,